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The only trading tool you will ever need.
The TradeOMeter Pack is a collection of proprietary indicators developed specifically for day-traders.

When these proprietary real-time signals are used together they create a powerful timing tool for day-trading the Index Futures Contracts (ES, NQ, and YM). These show you tradable areas of high-probability reversal in each market!

Example charts

Benefits to Traders

  • Vocal alerts instantly notify you of over-bought and over-sold conditions
  • Visual markers, show you where the signals were activated
  • Real-time signals identify tradeable zones in each of the markets
  • TradeOMeter™ allows you to increase your statistical edge over other traders, by increasing the probability of profitable trades

Unique Features

  • Incredibly predictive proprietary algorithm
  • Truly real-time signals
  • Minimal design help reduce clutter on the dashboard
  • Easy to understand, simple to use


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